Bogies bogies

I’ve got bogies. Lots of bogies. They come in all shapes and textures and they’ve been plaguing my nostrils ever since I got pregnant. Maya’s seven months old now and I still can’t get rid of the beggars. I pick them every day. Come on, it’s hard not to. Once I’ve noticed one, I’ll do…… Continue reading Bogies bogies

And lo, a new blog is born

I meant to start this blog way before Maya popped out. Hmmm. Bit slow there. She’s already pretending to talk and pulling my hair and reading books with her granny (above). And I already feel broody when I see tiny babies. Uh-oh… Anyway, here it is. My first post. Fingers crossed, they’ll get infinitely more…… Continue reading And lo, a new blog is born

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