Bogies bogies

I’ve got bogies. Lots of bogies. They come in all shapes and textures and they’ve been plaguing my nostrils ever since I got pregnant. Maya’s seven months old now and I still can’t get rid of the beggars. I pick them every day. Come on, it’s hard not to. Once I’ve noticed one, I’ll do a quick hands-free recce, twisting and flaring my nostrils till I’ve got the measure of its size and texture. But that makes me even more aware of its presence and after four seconds’ restraint, a finger goes up and out it comes. Maybe it’s a supply-and-demand process, much like the production of breast milk. Maybe I’m trapped in a never ending cycle of mucus extraction and formation. Whatever. It turns out I’m not the only one. Check this Mumsnet thread for more bogie moans… Any other victims of this slimy green affliction reading me?

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