Oh my, what a pretty drawing!

We’ve just come back from Montenegro. It was incredible and looked a lot like this:


Maya’s favourite favourite thing of all to do on holiday was not to swim in the sea, though. Or eat special holiday pizza. Or steer the little red submarine boat (in a zig-zag). Instead, the thing she liked best of all was writing in her new pink Wilko’s exercise book, which she dubbed The Cat Book. She mainly stuck to ‘writing’ feline adventure stories, turning to me only when she needed a highly lifelike illustration of a cat on a bike, in a rocket, or pooing on a domestic toilet.

Then one day, we went to a nearby beach, which looked like this by the way (but at less of an angle):


Maya quickly set about her work, opening The Cat Book and putting the final touches to a story about her pre-school teacher, Mrs McMeecat.

Then, when I was too busy to notice because I was taking pictures like this:


…and this:



This happened:


I showed Daddy. We turned away towards the sea and nearly choked on our beer, doing at least a minute of teenage giggling.

“What is it, Sweetheart?” I enquired.

“It’s Daddy'” she told me. Even worse.

Okay let’s give it some context..


So, as Maya explained, The full page above clearly shows all of us together – Maya, Mummy, Daddy and an extra child who I think is just wishful thinking. You will note that we’ve each got two eyes, a very wide mouth and, yes, right at the bottom where the feet normally go, a set of wheels. Thank God that one’s all cleared up.

Have your kids drawn anything that’s taken you by surprise? Please please please can we see?


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